Photoshop Masking

Photoshop Masking denotes to be one of the basic image processing operations. It is an important substitute of Clipping Design Home for removing or replacing the background of a complex image containing numerous turns and curves with soft, unclear/blurred part, hair portions or fuzzy edges. It is used to eliminate or extract object from the picture.

The technique is very suitable when Clipping Path alone cannot give accurate details of soft, complicated areas like in hair, fur, glasses, plastic bottles, smoke, lighting and transparent objects. Usually, clipping path is done in hard and refined edges using Photoshop pen tool whereas masking is the complete solution of Background Removal for soft and fuzzy looking edges in order to get smoother, sharper and more pronounced edges that ensure high quality and wonderful level of details as required.



Photoshop Image Masking Service Categories:





Layer Masking

High quality manual Photoshop by hand. Masks are applied directly to layer using soft & refined edge with pen tablet. Use it to remove background or isolate object. Price may vary based on complexity & time needed.










Alpha Channel Masking

Separating object from background, we save it as Alpha Channel to edit brightness, contrast, exposure, etc. later. Its file size is lighter for uploading/downloading. Single colored background is perfect for this photo masking.









Transparent Object Masking

The objects glass, car glass, regular spectacles, glass bottle, water, etc. have 0%-5% opacity & light can pass through it. To retain transparency & make visible color or background through objects, this masking is applied.