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Accentuate the Focus on Products in E-commerce Sector

With the advent of online business, e-commerce image editing service has also taken off. We see an unprecedented surge in need to showcase the products in the best light. They have to appear worthy of buying. The fashion industry relies on hiring supermodels to flaunt their clothes and accessories for the brand. But the small and upcoming brands decide to go straight in this approach by opting for a ghost mannequin.

What is Ghost Mannequin?

You may have seen photos where the clothes are only on display online, not the person wearing it. It is a method where you do not invest in hiring live models but still aim to showcase your clothes.

This is a cost-effective method, and it is famous as ghost mannequin photo editing. The main purpose is to sell the clothes. Every entrepreneur looks for this superb editing job.

How Ghost Mannequin Works for Emerging Businesses

By eliminating any mannequin in the background, the clothes get the full focus and the potential buyer’s attention.

Also, while shooting with live models may take time, these ghost mannequin photo shoot may take very little time. Just a person with some product photography skill will be enough to shoot these. Then the editors at Clipping Design Home will begin his or her editing work. They will remove the mannequin from the raw images and only put up the clothes or accessories.

Our neck joint service will only add more perfection and give more depth when you are showcasing jewelry or accessories like watch and scarves.

Our Extensive Range of Clients

It will help the customers to see how the product looks on them. The realism in images is only possible when you opt for them. Check out our portfolio images to see how these ghost mannequin editing works for fashion brands.

Sample of Ghost Mannequin


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