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Adding Life to Images through Shadows

Visual graphics have evolved to a newer and an attractive dimension. Numerous websites and pages have adapted to the new image manipulation technique, popularly referred to as Shadow Service.

Businesses these days use food or product photography to draw their customers using different visual aesthetics. The Drop Shadow Service from Clipping Design Home is there to optimize these images and bring them to life. Often, these images do not have a desirable background, which makes them look bland. Instead, drop shadow services/Reflection Shadow allow the pictures to create artificial shadows that indulge depth and gravity in detailing the pixels.

Credibility Factors

No business wants images that are plain and unedited. The sole purpose of editing is to reduce extra subject components that form a negative element and undermines the detailing. Therefore, crisp editing with realistic detailing is the way out to stay at the top of the league. It forms the credibility of the image and delivers a major chunk of the message.

Why Food and Product Images?

Product photography demands a 360-degree look. It matters a lot when looks become the focal point of the product. The product retouch in shadow service helps the buyers consider the product with its x-factor appeal and fine details.

Types of Shadow Services

Not all businesses deal with similar products. Therefore, the market and demands are different. At Clipping Design Home, we deal with:

  • Basic Clipping Path Service
  • Medium Clipping Path Service
  • Complex Clipping Path Service
  • Multiple Clipping Path Service

Our photo retouching service is affordable while also delivering in time and as per the current trend. Drop us your sample images while our experts decide the best of the 4 services and quality for you.

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